An Article posted in by Andrew Lisa offers interesting insight on maintaining lifestyle in the place we live. This article has shared a way to measure a ” comfortable lifestyle ” given our income and how that varies depending on the place where we live.  If we are able to maintain a 50-30-20 ratio towards meeting Necessities (50% of income), Wants( 30%) and Saving (20%) we can lead a comfortable life.

Check the cost of living in America’s biggest cities-





Irina Shamaeva, a leader in the recruitment and sourcing industry has a post on her Boolean Strings blog on automated searches/AI. She comments on whether these new aspects of technology pose a challenge to the position of Sourcer in the recruitment industry.  She   has used the right words- “productive, exhaustive searches” don’t come easy and require the human element. Furthermore, a comment by fellow professional Sourcer,  David Sankar “continuous, creative refinement” of the search process as not being part of AI  offers another reason why automated searches for professionals will not be easy.

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